First Class Valet Parking at Hamburg Airport

AirParkOne offers you the most comfortable, secure and value for money parking experience at Hamburg Airport.

Drop-off and pick-up

1. Drive to Hamburg Airport

You drive your car directly to the airport. Just give us a call about 15 minutes before your arrival, so that our chauffeur can meet you there. Also please let us know if you are running late. The number is

2. Vehicle drop-off

Drive to the arrivals level and stay in the left lane. Follow the signs to Parkhaus P4. Continue driving until you reach parking bay Q. There wait in your car in front of the gate. Our staff will give you a ticket there. Please don’t take a ticket from the automat.

3. Returning flight

Please call us when you have received your baggage, or if you only have carry-on, when you leave the plane. The number is

4. Vehicle return

Stay on the arrivals level across from the Airport Plaza. Follow the signs to Parkhaus P4 and walk to parking bay Q. Our service personnel will meet you there and return your car.

Where to meet us

We are only 50m from the security gates

Drop-off point: Arrivals P4, parking bay Q. Wait before the gate for our staff to give you a ticket. Phone number: +49 40 500 90 691

Additional services

Car washing

We offer a professional service to clean your car. Choose between external, interior or the complete package.

Electric Car Charging

We can charge your car with our on-site charging station for 49 EUR.


The drop-off location is located at arrivals level P4, parking bay Q. Your car is parked at our underground parking garage located only minutes from the Hamburg International Airport. See the map above for more details regarding the drop-off location.


If you come via the A7 motorway:

  1. When you leave the B433 in the direction of Terminals (on the right), please keep to the far right.
  2. Drive downstairs and follow the Arrival signs. At the bottom, turn left and follow the sign P4 (not P2-P4).
  3. Take the covered lane to the left.
  4. Follow this lane to parking bay “Q”.
  5. Once there, wait in front of the barrier and do not take a ticket.
  6. An AirParkOne employee will open the barrier for you and assign you a parking space.

If you come via the city:

  1. When you leave Zeppelinstrasse in the direction of the terminals, please keep to the left.
  2. Continue left and follow the signs for Arrival.
  3. At the bottom, turn left and follow the sign P4 (not P2-P4). Take the covered lane to the left.
  4. Follow this lane to parking bay “Q”.
  5. Once there, wait in front of the barrier and do not take a ticket.
  6. An AirParkOne employee will open the barrier for you and assign you a parking space.


  1. Please give us a call +49 40 500 90 691 when you have received all of your luggage, or as soon as you have left the aircraft if you travel with hand luggage only.
  2. Stay on the arrivals level.
  3. Follow the signs to the P4 parking house.
  4. Go to parking bay “Q”.
  5. An AirParkOne employee will welcome you there and hand over your vehicle to you.

Yes, you need to reserve beforehand. Booking online is easy and guarantees your parking space.

You can book up to 12 hours before your scheduled airport arrival. It is always a good idea to book as far in advance as possible to guarantee your availability and the best price.

You can book up to 12 months in advance of your travel date.

Yes. In order to take your car to our covered parking garage we will need your keys. Your keys are stored safely in a locked cabinet

We will collect your car at the designated drop-off point. Handing your vehicle over to us is quick and easy. It generally takes only three to four minutes as we will take photos of your vehicle.

It is then up to you how much time you want to have at the airport. Please note the minimum requirements for arrival and check-in for your airline and flight.

All our chauffeurs are fully insured. Your vehicle is covered for all potential damages; when we are driving your car and when your vehicle is parked with us.

For our Hamburg Airport valet service, the maximum size car we are able to park is 5,50m long and 2,00m high.

We park standard cars or minibuses with up to 9 seats, including the driver. All other larger minibuses or vehicles require special license requirements and cannot be driven by our chauffeurs. If you are unsure if your car meets our size restrictions, please contact us at for help.

Yes. Our professional car washing service lets you choose from exterior hand washing, inside cleaning or both.

First, make sure to check your spam box. If you have not received your AirParkOne reservation confirmation 15 minutes after you book, please call us, and we will email you your confirmation again. Email at

Phone number: +49 40 500 90 691

Hamburg Airport: 04:00-24:00, or until the last flight arrives.

Please let us know in advance via call or email if you change your car.

You can cancel or amend your booking for free up to 12 hours before your arrival time. To make changes please contact us via email

If you do not cancel you will be charged the price for one day.

We understand that things can change. Therefore, you can always change your booking, even while your car is parked with us.

If you plan to stay away longer, miss your flight, or it is cancelled or delayed, please contact us via email to modify your reservation. Please give us as much notice as you possibly can to ensure your vehicle is ready for you on your return.

At the time of your booking, you can select the invoice to be issued to you or your company.

If you inform us that you will extend your stay, the fee charged is subject to the availability of parking spaces. You will be charged the normal parking price in accordance with the price list on the day you extend. If you do not notify us of an extended stay, you will be charged the first-day fee for each additional day.

Contact us

For all reservation- or booking requests for the Hamburg Airport please contact us

Phone: +49 40 500 90 691