Valet parking is a simple add-on that will elevate your airport experience. 

As travel resumes, it is hard to foresee what will go back to normal and what will remain. At the moment limited service on flights, such as onboard catering, and mask-wearing looks to remain in place.  

The luxury and general comfort of travelling pre-2019 may never be what it used to be. This does not mean that your air travel experience needs to be entirely cumbersome.  

Adding on small touches of comfort to travel will make the entire experience feel less inconvenient. Making travel in the time of COVID-19 more glamorous means finding the best solution for the situations you can control. 


Choose Valet Parking 

One simple way to elevate your travel experience is to skip a taxi or a regional train and drive to the airport in the comfort of your car. Valet service to streamline your arrival to the airport, all you have to do is drive to the terminal and hand over your keys. The added benefit is you get to be mask-free right up until you hit the terminal door. Upon your arrival, you can hop right back into your car and breathe in the relief of your safe space as you head home or back to the office.  

One more reason for shaving time off your airport experience is that you may need to spend more time at the airport. COVID-19 Fast tests that are no older than four hours are required by many airlines to fly. For most travellers this has to be done at the airport, which means getting to the airport earlier is a new normal to flying. Saving time by valet parking will be an added benefit to the new steps required to fly safely.  


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