Airport valet parking saves you time, money and hassle!


Valet Parking is as easy as... 


1. Make a reservation online

2. Meet our driver at the APO Meeting Point

  • AirParkOne is committed to providing our customers a fast and efficient service tailored to their needs.

  • One hour prior to your scheduled drop-off time you will receive an SMS with a number to call. To ensure we are punctual in picking up your car, please call us 15 minutes before you arrive at the airport, as we will dispatch the driver at that time. If you fail to call prior to your arrival, no driver will be waiting for you at the drop-off location. In this situation, please call us immediately and wait in the drop-off zone. We will do our utmost to be with you within a few minutes. 

  • You will receive a receipt from the driver. Make sure to hold onto it as it is your ticket to claim your vehicle upon your return. As you head to your flight, our driver parks your car in our fully insured parking house located a few kilometres from the airport.

3. Pick-up your car at the APO Meeting Point

  • Before you land, we will send you a text with the number you need to call. You must call the number to ensure your vehicle is waiting for you at the APO Meeting Point. 

  • Upon your arrival, you will call us either once you have stepped out of the plane if you are travelling with carry-on bags, or if you have checked luggage, call us when you have your luggage in hand. 

  • Please note: Due to Airport regulations, we cannot have cars idling; therefore, you must call the number provided to ensure your vehicle will meet you on time.